The Partnership

The partnership made-up of organisations working with the Trust to promote Community Regeneration and to tackle social exclusion.
These companies / groups are not legal partners of the company, but work in the spirit of
partnership to make the area a better place to live and work.

The Spark Centre
42 Dove Road, Blaenymaes,
TEL: 01792 585538

Established in 1994, Spark Blaenymaes is dedicated to helping local people reach their full potential.
We provide adult education courses with childcare, mother & toddler groups, youth club, day nursery and health & wellbeing activities. We also run two play groups and three mother & toddler sessions in local schools.
Our vision is to encourage self-development through the medium of family learning. By developing children?s readiness for school, and encouraging parents to support their children academically, the poverty cycle caused by low achievement can be broken. Through positive behaviour affirmation, and promoting healthy lifestyle, Spark encourages personal growth and self-esteem.

Tan Dance
104 Broughton Ave, Blaenymaes
Swansea, SA5 5JL
TEL: 07971 955626

TAN Dance is a community dance organisation for the City & County of Swansea.
Established in 2001, the group work with all ages and abilities, in conjunction with statutory and private agencies.
In 2005, we established a new outreach office based at 104 Community House in Blaenymaes, funded by Communities First and working closely with the Trust and other service providers.
TAN Dance acts as a regeneration tool through the medium of dance, by involving community groups through integration. The project produces large scale community events, and also includes a training programme which skills up local people to take over the project as a community led initiative.

Gwalia Housing Association
The Kingsway, Swansea, SA1
TEL: 01792 460609

Gwalia are one of the key community partners for the BPP Trust. A registered social landlord, Gwalia supports the development of our area through a variety of ways both direct and indirect. The Community Investment Strategy includes
Buildings / Development workers / Financial investment / Employment / Neighbourhood services
Since 2002, Gwalia have helped several organisations, including SPARKS, Cwm Albion Colts, J.R. Groundforce, BOBS, Bass Bandits, Blaenymaes Carnival, 104 Community House and the Boxing Clubing.
We also run the Gwalia Action for Training & Employment (GATE) helping local youths develop practical skills in property & garden maintenance.

The Penplas Family Centre
7 Llangwm, Penplas
TEL: 01792 588487

Penplas Family Centre is an open Facility where all the family can come and meet old and new friends in a warm and friendly atmosphere, learn a new skill and get support and advice from staff.
The project works with two key themes, person-led lifelong learning and the promotion of positive choices for healthy lifestyle, responding to the individual needs of the families who use the centre.

Swansea Community Farm
2 Pontarddulais Road, Fforestfach
Swansea SA5 4BA
Tel: 01792 578384

Based in Pontardulais Road, the Swansea Community Farm is an exciting project providing facilities for everyone in the community to join in the life of a small working farm.
Local schools and other groups use the farm for learning, practical experience and most of all, for enjoyment.
Plans include having market gardens to grow food, attractive gardens to enjoy and relax in, and variety of farm animals such as ducks, hens and goats.
All the work on the farm is done by local people, providing them with training and work experience. We work extensively with the disabled, and run farm activity days for adults and children.
The farm welcomes volunteers of all ages and abilities, and has a membership scheme enabling people to support the farm's work and keep in touch with its progress.

JR Groundforce
138 Woodford Rd, Blaenymaes

JR Groundforce stands for James Rogers Groundforce.
They started in 2001 after a group of 11 boys with antisocial behaviour vandalised the Spark centre. To make things right, they tidied up the garden and then did some more gardening.
From this, they then became a constituted group and started doing gardening, landscaping and litter picks, which have evolved into the Green Blitz events. There are now over 50 in the group, aged from 4 to 18. They meet weekly at Mair Baker?s house or at an open space place. They run on external funding of £100 for 2005. All of the tools are kept in a back garden shed. They started the group as a way to stop the antisocial behaviour. As more have joined, they have grown to appreciate gardens and landscaped areas.

The New Drop In Centre
86-88 Blaenymaes Drive
Blaenymaes, Swansea
TEL: 01792 580905

The New Drop In Centre formed in March 2004, in response to local consultation.

Based at the top of Blaenymaes Drive, the New Drop In Centre building had been created from three adjacent bungalows, converted to provide a shop and meeting space.

Currently selling second-hand quality clothing, toys and bric-a-brac, the centre also acts as an informal drop in place for locals to meet up for a chat and a cuppa.
The group ethos is to enable community networking in a non-judgemental, relaxed environment.

Penllergare Trust
Coed Glantawe
SA19 7RT
TEL: 01558 650735

At the height of its prosperity the Penllergare estate was an outstanding example of a picturesque and romantic landscape.

Originally created by John Dillwyn Llewelyn (1810-82) Penllergare has become damaged and almost forgotten during the last 50 years.

The Penllergare Trust was formed in May 2000 to promote the protection, conservation, restoration and maintenance of Penllergare Valley Woods for public benefit.

Currently based in Llandeilo, the Trust are working with the local residents, community, groups, schools agencies and the BPP Trust to revitalise this historical and important area for Swansea.

St Teilo's
Cheriton Crescent
TEL: 01792 583646

St Teilo's is very much at the heart of the communities of Blaenymaes, Portmead and Penplas. As the parish church, it offers a range of services and activities that are important within the life of any community, details of which can be found on the pages of their web site St Teilo's website