How We Are Funded

Communities First

Communities First contributes considerably to the Trusts overall operation.

Communities First is an initiative set out by the Welsh Assembly Government. The Communities First programme is a long-term strategy for improving the living conditions and prospects for people in the most disadvantaged communities in Wales.

Welsh Assembly Government

Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO)

WEFO contributes to the post of the Centre Manager for the Trust.

In the past we have received funding for the renovation of The ARC and for capacity building. WEFO is part of the Welsh Assembly Government's Economic Development and Transport Department. WEFO is responsible for administering Structural Funds in Wales.

They are responsible for encouraging new projects, appraising and making decisions on applications, paying grants and ensuring that proper procedures are in place by those organisations in receipt of funds. It is also responsible for publicising the effect of the Funds.

Better Swansea Compact Development fund (BSCDF)

BSCDF contributes to the part time staff in Cafe ARC for the Trust.

The BSCDF funds will operate together to provide an accessible and flexible source of funding in particular to small voluntary & community groups who may not be at the stage of making larger applications. We will support activities that:

* Encourage the involvement of communities and individuals who would otherwise be excluded, or exclude themselves, from current activities.
* Increase people's ability to become economically active including projects that help build skills and confidence.
* Reduce poverty, inequality, discrimination and social disadvantage.

Communities @ One

Communities @ one contributes to the posts of four staff in the Trust.

Communities@One is a three-year Welsh Assembly Government initiative that will enable individuals and communities to develop their computer skills and increase their access to technology so that they can take full advantage of information, services and opportunities online.

The initiative is supported by funding totalling £9 million. The funding is being delivered through Objective 1 & 2 grants with match funding from the Welsh Assembly Government.

The initiative builds on the spirit of Communities First and will be flexible, non-prescriptive and community driven. We want communities across Wales to work out their own solutions for their area - whether it's building or repairing computer equipment, digital storytelling, involvement in radio or anything else that is inclusive and improves skills and knowledge.
The initiative is targeted at Communities First areas and is administered by the Wales Co-operative Centre on the Welsh Assembly Government's behalf.