The Vision

The Trust focuses on the western half of the Penderry Ward, where the estates of Blaenymaes, Portmead and Penplas have communities that suffer particularly high levels of social and economic deprivation.

Our vision for the area is one where:-

- Everyone has somewhere decent and safe to live.

- Everyone is able to lead healthy lives and have access to appropriate health care.

- All children feel safe and are provided with appropriate education and opportunities for play.

- People are empowered to voice and contribute to decisions made about their community, so that there is collective ownership and capacity building.

- There is open access to a wide range of information and effective communication between the community and all service providers on issues relating to community well-being.

We have been able to help fund and support a number of projects under the Trust umbrella,
whilst the focus is on supporting families, youth work, education and lifelong learning,
training and employment, community safety and the environment.

The process of reaching out to and engaging with local communities and relevant user groups is widely accepted as being one of the cornerstones of effective community development.

We have developed successful approaches to involving local people, whether this be through events (fashion show, quiz nights, carnivals), arts projects (Murals for community buildings, tree and bulbs planting with young people), discussion groups (Monthly CDT meetings are organised where local residents and agencies working in the area exchange information) or planning meetings with local people and the authority (to develop play areas on our green spaces for instance).

Consultation and participation are paramount to the success of the whole initiative and is an ongoing process throughout the Trust's work.